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Founded in January 1997

Circa 500 business members – all with an active business interest in the Covent Garden area and its immediate vicinity.


  1. Hearing representations from members and other bodies and offering guidance and direction when appropriate.
  2. To act as a consultative body.
  3. Advancing areas of common benefit.
  4. Addressing areas of concerns.
  5. Collection and dissemination of useful information and statistics.
  6. Promotion of marketing and development objectives.


  1. To act as a body through which members can express opinion, bring concerns, present ideas, canvas support and seek guidance or judgement.
  2. A clearinghouse for information.
  3. A representative body for both inward and outward feedback.
  4. A consultative body.
  5. A body through which areas of common concern, interest and opportunity can be advanced.
  6. An effective channel of communication between members, statutory elected and voluntary bodies.
  7. Where necessary, a pressure group.
  8. A vehicle for social and business bonding.
  9. Concert the collective influence of the group to maximum effect.
  10. A unifying body for the constructive good of the community as a whole.

The Forum must guard against elitism, must not be superficial, nor non-representative, uncommitted, unsupportive or myopic.

Getting there

Travelling to and from an event is an important part of the overall experience. Covent Garden, the heart of the UK's the most exciting place, is opened to all routes wherever you are, whatever you want.




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