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A Gentleman's Guide to...

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Body Language
A gentleman knows how to read and use body language to his advantage. From standing to the side or front, to knowing how many shakes when shaking hands, he always knows the correct technique for every situation. Good body language plays a vital role in how you present yourself to the world. It can be used to demonstrate confidence, friendliness and even make you more attractive. 
The Handshake
A handshake is often the first piece of body language that is used to make a judgment of you. A limp handshake conveys weakness, and conversely no one wants to have his or her fingers torn off. In a business sense you want to come across as confident and trustworthy and communicate sincerity and professionalism. 
• Grasp firmly, but not so much the other person shouts, "Ambulance!" Seriously, put enough muscle behind it that no one will view you as passive, weak, or worse yet, intimidated. The "dead fish" shake gives the impression of disinterest, which is the last impression you want to give. However, gripping too tightly, especially as a way of showing dominance, can seem confrontational and challenging, so definitely save your strength for the gym.
• Pump twice, meaning shake your hand up and down twice ONLY. 
• Release your hand only after the other person releases his or hers. Don't stress; the average handshake lasts from 1 to 3 seconds, and since no one wants to be caught in a lengthy hand-lock, wait it out. Waiting it out gives the other person respect.
Overall you want to convey an open, friendly attitude, while sending a message of confidence, importance and interest, in other words Alpha Male!
Smiling is the best thing you can do, not only to cheer yourself up, but other people too. Try to greet everyone you meet with a smile to put them at ease. A perfect gentleman can even make a fake smile look good. 
Good posture will make you seem taller, slimmer and more confident. It’s simple: head high, back straight and shoulders back. Beware not to overdo it or you will look like your grandad in his army days. Always strive to look comfortable and at ease. 
Sit with your back straight, but not ramrod straight like a sergeant major. You should look relaxed at all times. Some consider the leg cross to be a little effeminate in which case you might want to try the low cross, where your knees are close together and your legs are crossed at the ankles. Avoid sitting on the edge of the seat or with you legs far apart. Finally, beware of shaking legs and foot tapping when there is no music playing as this will make you seem nervous.
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