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Cyclists are welcomed to Covent Garden with dedicated parking facilities on Bedford Street and behind the Jubilee Market Hall. There is also the availability of on street setting-down points although cyclists are reminded to park their bikes so as not to cause any obstruction or nuisance on public pavements.

If you don’t have your own bicycle you can hire a bike practically anywhere in the city, although if you're planning to ride in traffic you might be taking your life in your hands. It may be wiser to stick to the parks where there are scenic bicycle routes.

If you are feeling brave and environmentally minded then it is advisable to read through Transport for London’s guidelines on the internet.Parking for bicycles is available all over the city with many situated in Covent Garden for public use.

For more information, please visit Transport For London (new window) and telephone number is020 7222 1234.

Getting there

Travelling to and from an event is an important part of the overall experience. Covent Garden, the heart of the UK's the most exciting place, is opened to all routes wherever you are, whatever you want.




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