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There is a very real need for businesses to be able to make and receive deliveries of their goods and raw materials. Without it, no business could operate successfully and the area would only have a fraction of the appeal it does have. Many retailers choose to arrange their deliveries overnight so as to avoid the punitive Congestion Charge which is operational during weekdays between 07.00 and 18.00.

Visitors to any given shop would be miffed if the shelves were empty and when going to eat out at a Covent Garden restaurant, diners would be nonplussed if the whole menu was off because there was no delivery facility. Access routes for drivers unfamiliar with the area are Gower Street from the north (Tottenham Court Road completes the one-way system heading back towards the north). The Strand and Fleet Street are connections from the south and Waterloo Bridge is probably the most convenient way of crossing the river.

For more information, please visit Transport For London (new window) and telephone number is 020 7222 1234.

Getting there

Travelling to and from an event is an important part of the overall experience. Covent Garden, the heart of the UK's the most exciting place, is opened to all routes wherever you are, whatever you want.




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