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Facial Hair

A gentleman knows how to keep his facial hair in check, from the anchor to the pencil and goatees to chin curtains. 

A perfect gentleman knows how to style one for every occasion. The correct facial hair oozes class and masculinity and the ladies love nothing better than well groomed facial hair. Below are a few easy steps on how to grow your beard for the summer. 

Start afresh  Start with nothing, have a good shave so that your skin is fresh and clean. This will help reduce any early signs of irritation or skin problems. 

Perseverance  Use Jack Black beard lube from, which will help alleviate any itchiness. Your beard will need three months of growth, depending on the style, to reach its peak. 

Find a shape that suits your face  Different face shapes suit different beards, really you should go to a professional barber for a bespoke consultation; they have seen thousands of beards on different men and can tell you which will suit you best. You don’t want a ‘mutton chops’ when you should have a ‘Dali’. The temptation to copy a celebrity or style icon, like myself, is not always best as that style may not suit you. 

Play to your strengths  If your beard is patchy in certain areas, you can work with this. Incorporate this in shapes with your barber or even exaggerate patchy areas by using a razor and shaving into the beard, for example, with low cheeks or a high neckline. 

Take pride in your beard  Take care to comb your beard and keep it in shape with a regular trim. Visit the barber every two to three weeks to keep it nice and in shape with a pro sculptor. 

Keep it clean  A beard or moustache needs to be regularly cleansed; facial hair is different from the hair that’s on your head. Make sure to scrub, tone and moisturise daily to stop ingrown hairs and other issues. 

To beard or not to beard  For you gentlemen who work in the city, stick to clean shaven and allow it to grow for perhaps two days before shaving again. Some offices don’t mind facial hair so stick to light smart stubble and this should be acceptable. If you know you’re going out at the weekend and don’t want that baby face look you have Monday to Friday, then let your beard grow a little on Wednesday. For those gentleman who play golf every day without the office job, then your beard can take shape however you please. If you haven’t time to visit a barber, ask your friends or work colleagues for the best beard advice. Generally speaking, if you don’t think it suits you, it doesn’t.

Elliot Grant, Founder of The Concierge Circle

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