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Guinness World Record for Flora

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Congratulations go to Flora Chigwedere of the Covent Garden Dental Spa, for achieving a Guiness World Record.

In January this year Flora travelled to Zimbabwe where she taught 497 children how to brush their teeth all in one session and managed to break the World Record for the largest Oral Hygiene Lesson. The previous record was 374 people. The event was sponsored by GSK who provided the 1,000 toothbrushes and toothpastes for the event. They were originally due to host the event during the school term, but as children were on school holidays, they were not able to reach their original target of 1,000 children. However, Flora was pretty pleased with 497 children as that was still a great turn out and enough to break the record. The event was hosted at Marongwe High School, in a village called Chiweshe, a two hour drive north of Harare on dust roads. The children, aged from 3-16 years, were from the whole of the Chiweshe area, and some walked quite long distances just to attend the event.

The session started with introductions, followed by the beautiful melody of 497 children singing the national anthem. The official counting of the children took a good 75 minutes. After distributing the toothbrushes and toothpastes, there was 40 minutes of oral hygiene instruction. Flora delivered the lesson in her mother tongue, Shona, which made the job a little more difficult. She had to endure the barrage of laughs and giggles every time she mispronounced a word, which contributed to making the lesson a little more entertaining for the kids. At the end, Flora was a little naughty and gave them all biscuits and a glass of Mazowe, a popular cordial drink in Zimbabwe, so it was a real treat and they all had a great time.

Flora told us ‘The event was such a huge success, and it was extremely rewarding to see the big smiles on the children as they brushed their teeth, and smiled and laughed and sang. I will definitely be looking to do my original target of 1,000, or more if possible, when I next return to Zimbabwe.’


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