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  • Carnival

    This February, the dazzling colours, pounding beats, and sultry heat of the Rio Carnival will come to Guanabara, London’s favourite Brazilian venue, for seven days of non-stop festivity. Kicking off on Wednesday 3 February, Guanabara will host a variety of events, from live percussion bands and samba dance parades to huge carnival masked parties and DJs...

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  • Baby it's Cold Outside.

    Choose a theatre show that will really warm your heart. Bend it Like Beckham The Musical showing at the Phoenix Theatre till 5 March tells the story of Jess, a young woman with a big decision to make. Should she live up to family expectations and head towards university and marriage or chase her dreams and...

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    It’s the first day in December …

    We have set our alarm clocks nice and early...                                        

    Drank a quick cup of coffee to wake us up...

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  • New Year Resolutions

    The Christmas Trees are coming down, New Year has come and gone and most of us have returned to the office and settled back into our old routines. There are, however some of us that have taken on the challenge of 2016 with new resolve. As intimidating as the dust and cobwebs collecting over your trainers look, you’ve made a decision that will benefit your health, wellbeing and most...

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  • Kick Start the New Year

    The crazy season may be over, but there’s no need to put your feet up in front of the fire just yet, as there’s still lots of fun to be had in January, if you only know where to go.

    As an antidote to your post-holiday blues and for the first time ever the biggest ever light festival Lumiere London...

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  • Showtime


    Just like the stockings, baubles and scary-looking ornamental Santas that have to be packed away after Christmas so too do we have to cast aside – some will be back, we’re sure – many of the shows that have delighted us this festive season.

    It’s ‘bye bye Scrooge’ as literature’s most infamous miser – played by Jim...

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  • Covent Garden People; Paul Merchant

    Paul Merchant, Make-up Artist, Kryolan UK

    At what age did you realise you were going to be a Make-up Artist?

    I started out in make-up quite late compared to a lot of my colleagues and peers. It was never the field I imagined I would end up working in. I majored in Theatre...

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  • Long Acre, Then & Now


    For some 401 years, people have lived, shopped and worked on Long Acre but the origins of this thoroughfare can be traced back even further, as far back as medieval times. What is now the thriving retail nexus of Long Acre, once marked the northern boundary of an abbey orchard. From fruit trees to exotic...

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    It certainly has been a marvellous year for the Phoenix Artist Club. In November at a glittering London awards ceremony the Phoenix Artist Club was declared winner of the ‘Best Bar & Pub in Covent Garden’ in Time Out’s Love London Awards 2015. Managing Director, Ken Wright, said ‘it’s an incredibly difficult...

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  • Ghostly Tales of Covent Garden

    Ebenezer Scrooge had to contend with three ghoulish ghosties during ‘A Christmas Carol’ but he is not the only one. London is said to be the most haunted city in the world and, here in Covent Garden, we have phantoms, shades and spooks aplenty. So any chill chasing down your spine might not just be the bleak midwinter; it could be something altogether eerier...

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