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  • 5985

    Endell Street, Now

    Today the school, the rocking horse factory and stain glass studio are all long gone, but Endell Street still has plenty to offer locals and visitors.

    When Buddha on a Bicycle opened at 27 Endell Street they not only wanted to create a shop filled with Buddhas, beautiful crystals and fair trade gifts but also wanted to create a feeling of community. Seven...

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  • JackDay

    Covent Garden People; Jack Day

    At what age did you and your partner Imogen Roose realise you were going to be Buskers?

    Busking is only one part of what we do, so I don’t think we can be defined as ‘buskers’ but it is an enormous part of our performing lives.  

    Neither of us had really busked much before we came to the UK. We were introduced to Covent Garden in...

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  • Elf

    Showtime, October


    We apologise in advance for this… oh gee… how do we break this to you? Okay, here goes… Santa Claus is coming to town. 

    Hold it! Don’t throw your not-yet-purchased Christmas baubles out of the pram, we know it’s only October but, well, the West End is getting in the festive spirit early.

    Thankfully it’s with...

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  • check-out-1

    Check Out: New Season Style

    The Cambridge Satchel Company

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  • spaghouse-1

    Spaghetti House

    Celebrating 60 years of a love for pasta and all things Italian, Spaghetti House marks its 60th birthday this month.

    Spaghetti House was, without doubt, the forerunner of Italian restaurants in the 50's and...

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  • showtime-header

    Showtime, September


    September is always a sad time in Theatreland. Not only because we’re most likely saying goodbye to the summer sunshine for another year (though, obviously, this is Britain, we’re grateful we had any in the first place), but because we’re bidding farewell to the shows – and there are many – that have entertained us so well over the summer months.

    This year it...

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  • foyles-bookstore-1

    Charing Cross Road: Now

    Today Charing Cross Road is still home to the world-famous bookstore Foyles, albeit a few doors down from their original store. They stock the widest range of titles of any bookshop in the UK and today’s staff are knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. Queueing twice is also...

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  • 84charing-historic

    Charing Cross Road: Then

    While the monument known as Charing Cross was already in London as early as 1294, it would be another 593 years before the road bearing its name was completed. And you thought the Crossrail development at Tottenham Court Road was taking forever?

    The Charing Cross itself marked the final stop for the funeral cortege of Eleanor of Castile, King Edward I’s beloved Queen. Gradually, London...

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  • monplaisir1

    The Pleasure of Mon Plaisir

    Take a stroll down Monmouth Street and you will instantly be aware of two enormous flags facing and, seemingly, challenging each other. Much larger, and they’d start interfering with the passing traffic. The Union flag of the Covent Garden Hotel is matched by the Tricolour of Mon...

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  • wedding-reception1

    The Wedding Reception

    In no wedding etiquette guide book is there much mention of the pitfall that is the wedding of the couple that you do not know at all. Weddings have, after all, moved on from the time when they were small family affairs, celebrated with an egg and cress sandwich and a pint of ale down the local village hall. Indeed, we have all been in that situation, when your relationship gets to the stage...

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