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Have Yourself a Fit New Year

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How to keep your fitness resolutions for 2017 and have your fittest year yet. We all know that January is the most popular time of the year for starting anew fitness routine. How many times have you said to yourself, “This is the year that I will finally get fit”? After all the excessive eating, drinking and being very merry, a lot of gyms and fitness classes see their attendance double and even triple in January. But then the New Year enthusiasm starts to wane and attendance slows right back down to its normal level by Pancake Day. So how do you stick with your fitness resolutions for 2017 and have your fittest year yet? Set yourself REALISTIC resolutions If you have never lifted weights before, resolving to lift weights seven days a week is only setting yourself up to fail. For most people, changing the habit of a lifetime is not going to happen overnight because we are wired to prefer our old, comfortable habits to new, uncomfortable ones. The key to keeping your resolutions is to make small changes gradually. If your goal is to go from being a couch potato to completing your very first marathon, start by walking short distancesa couple of times per week, and then gradually increase the frequency and speed over the course of a few months and you will be running regularly in no time.
Review your resolutions regularly How many people resolve to complete their first marathon only to find out they hate running? Or they start yoga and find they would prefer something a bit faster-paced? That’s okay. A lot of fitness activities seem quite fun from a distance, but they might not actually be the right fit in reality. If this happens to you, it’s okay to change your mind and choose a different resolution. As long as you’re staying active, and you’re more active than you were before, you’re still in a better place than pre-New Year. Don’t beat yourself up Even the best-laid resolutions can lose steam over time. Once the excitement of your new routine has worn off, it can be easy to justify taking a few days, or even weeks, off. Sometimes going on a weekend break or a holiday can lead to a “Ah, sod this” mindset and an abandoning of the new fitness regime. But remember falling off the wagon is okay and to be expected. Even the most motivated people in the world have stumbled on their path to success. If a weekend break or a holiday means tweaking your new fitness resolution slightly, then so be it. Draw a line under it and hop right back onto the wagon!
Sam Hadfield, Fit & Flourish
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