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GBK has been going strong since 2001, when three wise men came over from New Zealand, on a sort of reverse pilgrimage, with patties and gherkins instead of frankincense and myrrh. They did good, those Kiwis, even if they did have a penchant for putting beetroot and pineapple in their burgers. I was really looking forward to my meal all day, especially as it was Monday and Mondays are the Bob Geldof of the week. In preparation for the feast ahead I ran up and down the stairs at work, all the way up to the 13th floor. Then at 17:30 I left the office, sauntered up the Albert Embankment and said alright, Mr. DeMille, I am ready for my burger. Alberto del Ray was riding the current fad for gluten free meals so he had a bunless Laverstoke Park buffalo burger and I had all the calories to myself. Because, you know, I am worth it. Current favourite on the menu is the Caerphilly Dragon (how do you make a Welsh cheeseburger? Caerphilly. Ha ha), with truffled leeks, the eponymous cheese and some cajun bite to it. It is, as they say in Wales, lush; a real beast of a burger that will take you to Nirvana, or the Welsh equivalent which is probably Portmeirion or Cardiff city centre on a Saturday night depending on your take on these things. Save room for the cheesy, truffled fries, which are also a thing of beauty and make running up and down the stairs a worthy undertaking. At GBK flavour is king - those three wise men really did know what they were doing.

GBK, 13-14 Maiden Lane, London, ►Map D3

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