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“In a mo!’ sounds like the response you make half-heartedly when your mum calls you in for dinner. Well it is if you are middle-class, well-mannered and grew up wanting to drink ginger beer and have a run in with a gypsy like the Famous Five. ‘Come into dinner, you relentless fantasist!’ ‘In a mo, mum!’ Inamo in Covent Garden is decidedly not like this, but if it had been around during my formative years I might have been keener to come into dinner. They have interactive computer games on the tables, like Pong, which was the height of sophistication when I was a kid. Being a grown up now, or at least pretending to be one, it felt only right to begin the evening with potent sake mojitos as we browsed the menu; the latter comes by way of an i:pad, so it is super easy to get started. No tongue sandwiches here, we went straight for the delicious Soft shell crab maki, the glorious Beef tataki and the Five spice monkfish tempura. Gobbling it up like gannets. And then Chicken satay dusted with coconut and dainty Seared scallops with miso and yuzu. Coming up for air we noticed Squid and scallion dim sum so we ordered those too. I:pads are great. It wasn’t all fun and games - well, it was but then Caroline beat me at Pong. I should have nudged her another sake mojito to make her lose her concentration - I’m sure that’s what the Famous Five would have done.

Special Offer: Choose courses for just £20, available weekdays from 17.00-19.15, weekends 12.00-19.15.

Inamo, 11-14 Hanover Pl, London, ►Map D4

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