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‘When the marimba rhythm starts to play, dance with me, make me sway’ – or so the song goes. And if you are going to sway, at Sway, then you are going to want some food to keep you going. Here they have food and charming staff a plenty along with the music. You don’t even need to have your dancing groove on, you can just come in here of an evening, or of a lunchtime, and enjoy some snacks along with a drink.

The Pizzas are very popular here, with classic favourites rubbing shoulders with more adventurous options such as Iberico bellota chorizo with smokey chilli relish and piquant peppers. There are also larger plates such as cassoulet, burgers and tuna salad. But we like to share, mainly because we then get to eat more things. So share we did.

There was a fresh Salad of buffalo mozzarella with heritage tomatoes that set the tastebuds a-dancing. Then Pork belly bites with a bacony hit, and Ham and cheese croquettes as big as my fist (I do have small hands, mind). The Calamari had a nice hit of chilli sauce and we loved the chimichurri sauce that came with the Sweet potato house fries.

After that we felt like we SHOULD partake in some energetic dancing but we were easily dissuaded by another glass of wine in the comfortable booths. You see, at Sway there is more than one way to sway.

Sway, 61-65 Great Queen St, Map E4, Tel 020 7404 6114

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