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  • Bedford & Strand

    If the apocalypse strikes when you are in Covent Garden (and if Donald Trump ever becomes President that could come sooner than we think), I would advise you to run for cover in Bedford and Strand. There is a great wine list to peruse, for a start, and the underground setting would protect you from missiles and irritating tourists asking for directions to Lie-ces-ter Square. The menu is simple...

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  • Inamo

    “In a mo!’ sounds like the response you make half-heartedly when your mum calls you in for dinner. Well it is if you are middle-class, well-mannered and grew up wanting to drink ginger beer and have a run in with a gypsy like the Famous Five. ‘Come into dinner, you relentless fantasist!’ ‘In a mo, mum!’ Inamo in Covent Garden is decidedly not like this, but if it had been around during my...

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  • GBK Review

    GBK has been going strong since 2001, when three wise men came over from New Zealand, on a sort of reverse pilgrimage, with patties and gherkins instead of frankincense and myrrh. They did good, those Kiwis, even if they did have a penchant for putting beetroot and pineapple in their burgers. I was really looking forward to my meal all day, especially as it was Monday and Mondays are the Bob...

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  • Mr Fogg's Tavern

    If, like me, you are prone to flights of fancy and imagination then you will find much to enjoy at Mr Fogg’s Tavern. The eponymous Fogg is off travelling on his bet around the world but Fanny McGee keeps his tavern ticking over. Here you will be met with full Victorian gusto – corseted serving wenches carrying pewter tankards and stuffed pheasants hanging merrily from the rafters....

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  • Sway

    ‘When the marimba rhythm starts to play, dance with me, make me sway’ – or so the song goes. And if you are going to sway, at Sway, then you are going to want some food to keep you going. Here they have food and charming staff a plenty along with the music. You don’t even need to have your dancing groove on, you can just come in here of an evening, or of a lunchtime, and enjoy some...

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  • The Port House

    I had not had a good catch up with Lotte for a while, but since the sad demise of Barry (may his sweet Welsh soul rest in peace) and the need for a convivial dining companion, I was now doing so with aplomb. The candlelight and discreet booths at the Port House suited us to a tee. 

    Drinks are quite the thing here, no surprise given the Irish blood coursing through...

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  • Smollenskys

    Smollenskys on the Strand is ideally situated for a pre-theatre meal, whether you are gearing up for Guys and Dolls at the Savoy or some Kinky Boot action at the Adelphi.

    Robyn and I were definitely getting our thespian groove on and we were hungry.  Cutlery-banging, napkin-round-the-neck hungry. The set menu is a very reasonably priced at £13.95 for two courses,...

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  • The Crusting Pipe

    The Crusting Pipe may strike you as a slightly peculiar name for a bar to the uninitiated. It conjures wizards and misfits in Potteresque landscapes, brewing ideas over butter beers and sorcery. 

    But no, the name is derived from the barrel used to make ‘crusted port’, a wine rich with sediment and not so common these days. The bar is situated on the lower courts of...

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  • STK

    STK is all jazz and pizzazz – Steaks in the City, if you will, with cocktails, Champagne and lots of meat. Nestled at the bottom of the ME London hotel on the Strand/Aldwych intersection, this is a place to see and be seen. To spend the quarterly bonus on Wagyu and Truffle and magnums of Billecart-Salmon. To impress ladies with poker straight, shiny hair as they nibble on ‘lil BGRS...

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  • Jamie's Italian

    He has done well, has our Jamie. His empire moves solidly forward and there are no fewer than 40 Jamie’s Italian in the UK and abroad. Jamie is not Italian, however, hence the carefully placed apostrophe, but on his website he declares that he should have been. I have to say that I am rather curious to see how ‘bish, bash, bosh’ and ‘pukka tucker’ would translate...

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