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Men's Fragrances
A gentleman knows what to wear and when to wear it. Women find men attractive when they wear cologne. Here is your guide on how to smell good.
Confident men feel their body language is free flowing when wearing  scent, but studies show it is the psychological boost rather than the scent itself that makes them more attractive to women. Proof, if any more was needed, that fragrance should be a key part of your morning routine. Just not in the way you may have thought.
Wear what you like
Your fragrance has to please you first. Remember what the research says: it's the impact fragrance has on your mood and feelings that makes the girls hot, not just the scent.
Our sense of smell and memory are closely linked to one another. The part of the brain responsible for recognising smell: the olfactory bulb in the limbic system is responsible for memory and emotion. So steer clear of any scent that reminds you of your father.
Go easy
Your nose gets used to regular scents. What is acceptable to you might be overpowering to others. A woman should only be able to smell your fragrance when she goes in for the kiss. Not, say, at the dinner table.
Have a wardrobe
Have a wardrobe of fragrances so you can match each with your mood or even the weather. Citrus works well on hot days, herbal scents are more suited to winter.
Apply first, then moisturise
Dry skin is better. Apply the cologne  first and then use a little fragrance free moisturiser to lock in the scent.
Heat activates the intensity of the fragrance. Use on the wrists and the neck and this will help the scent develop quickly. Never put aftershave or fragrance on your face.
Elliot Grant, Founder of The Concierge Circle
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