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  • sh-greenwichmarket

    Pick Me Up

    The Pick Me Up: Graphics Arts Festival returns to Somerset House for its 6th year. The festival will feature a fresh line-up of artists and designers who will present and produce new work in front of festival-goers, once again bringing the...

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  • ng-imp-rev

    First Impressions

    When viewing the paintings in the exhibition Inventing Impressionism, it is hard to understand that these works by artists so familiar to us; Renoir, Monet, Degas, Manet, Pissaro and Sisley, were once considered too unfinished and slap-dash to be worth buying. Art Dealer Paul Durand-Ruel thought differently and almost bankrupted himself buying Impressionist paintings to keep the...

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  • tb-character


    Michelle, single, jobless and approaching 30 is trying to write a novel but, lacking any self-discipline she is getting nowhere fast, just wasting her days amongst a debris of empty wine bottles and pizza boxes. She calls upon her friend from Uni, Freya, to come and sort her out but Freya has a battle on her hands as she cajoles, sets targets, promises rewards, anything to try and get Michelle...

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  • iris-moonshine

    Moonshine's Entirely Necessary Adventure

    As part of theatre company Magic Maverick’s development for their first show Moonshine’s Entirely Necessary Adventure they invite you to a concert of music and poetry. 
    Following the story of Moonshine, a girl of thirteen with silver skin as she escapes the enchanting yet oppressive forest she was raised in the show explores what it truly means to be yourself. As Moonshine...

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  • oneof-those

    One Of Those

    One of Those, written by Tom Ward-Thomas is playing at the Tristan Bates Theatre for a short run from 2-7 March. The story unfolds with two young...

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  • scarfes-cabaret

    Come to The Cabaret

    A new series of cabaret evenings at Scarfes Bar add a touch of mayhem to Midtown and pay homage to the golden age of cabaret. London is the top city for cabaret in the world and host Dusty Limits has been at the forefront of the new cabaret scene. “Cabaret was born in intimate venues, in which...

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  • gotta-sing-lou-mark

    Gotta Sing!

    Ever thought you couldn’t do something? Two of our intrepid members (Louise Pichel and Mark Dennis, pictured right) faced their fears and spent three days with Gotta Sing! Run by entertainment professionals, the course claims to get you ready to sing in front of a West End...

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  • sargent-stevenson

    Amongst Friends

    John Singer Sargent was born in Florence in 1856 to American parents who it was said, left America and forgot to go back. Brought up in a privileged, cultured atmosphere, he was taught to draw at an early age as a means of recording visits to cities and landmarks in Europe. Incidentally he was also an excellent pianist and spoke four languages as a result of his unconventional upbringing. Aged...

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  • skhakespeareinlove

    Shakespeare In Love


    New cast members have just joined the critically acclaimed production of Shakespeare in Love at the Noël Coward Theatre. Orlando James stars as Will Shakespeare opposite Eve Ponsonby as Viola De Lesseps. The show is enchanting and joyful, fun and uplifting,...

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  • comp-sherlock

    Competition: Sherlock Holmes Exhibition

    This is a great opportunity to win a pair of tickets to Sherlock Holmes: The Man Who Never Lived And Will Never Die.
    The exhibition at the Museum of London looks at the roots of Arthur Conan Doyle’s famous fictional detective, explores depictions of...

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